Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Creativity Story

Journal Page by Laura Bray
I'm over on Whip-Up today, talking about how my daughter inspired my creative journey. This is a VERY personal story. One I don't often talk about here, so if you are curious check-out my post.

In the post, I talk about working through The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.  I recently came across my journal from that time period and was amazed.  One of the exercises in the book asks that you write out your "perfect day".  You are supposed to really dream big.  In my journal, I wrote about having breakfast with husband & daughter, then going to my home studio to do crafts.  I even wrote about writing a book.  I remember writing the entry and laughing.  Thinking how outlandish it would be for me to write a book about crafting.  When I was working on The Artist's Way, I had just started exploring my creativity again.  It seemed ridiculous to me that I would ever be considered a "good enough" crafter to actually write a book about it.

A mere five years later, I've just finished breakfast with my husband and daughter.  I'm about to go into my home studio and get to work on some craft projects for some magazines and manufacturers.  I've had requests from publishers to submit book proposals.  When I reread that "perfect day" journal entry, I laughed at loud, amazed that I am living my perfect day.

I guess what I'm saying is to dream big.  And make sure you look back once in awhile and remember your big dreams.  You just might be surprised when you realize you have everything you ever wanted.  Then dream bigger and see what happens.