Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing House

Cake decorated by my niece and daughter.  Beautiful!
The past two weeks, I've been overwhelmed.  Both my daughter and husband have birthdays within a week of one another, so the beginning of June is a mad dash to make sure everyone has the perfect day.

On Sunday, the last of the festivities took place and on Monday I vowed to relax.  I kicked around the house.  I organized my daughter's bedroom to make space for all her new toys (sigh).  I made a beet and feta pizza for dinner.  To some, this doesn't seem like a day of relaxation, but for me, slow, deliberate domestic chores relax my mind and body.  The trick is being able to do the tasks at my leisure, with no deadlines. I enjoy the work most when I get to choose the tasks.  Making dinner and cleaning house because guests are coming can be stressful.  But making dinner and leaving the house a mess, just because I feel like cooking?  That's bliss.  I think it's because I feel like I'm playing house again.  When I was a little girl who played house, I didn't have to do any chore.  If I felt like playing with my dolls, I did.  If I felt like playing in my toy kitchen, that's what I did that day. My toy vacuum got pulled out when I felt like playing with it.   As adults, I think we get too caught up in expectations.  Maybe everything really would get done if we acted on how we felt each day.  I was more productive than usual yesterday simply because the tasks didn't feel like drudgery.

The only problem with my plan to do what I want each day and know it will all get done eventually?  I'm guessing our bathrooms would NEVER get cleaned.