Friday, June 29, 2012

Red White & Blue Popsicle T-Shirt

One of my strongest childhood memories of the 4th of July is eating those red, white & blue popsicles.  They were a treat that could only be found in the summer, which made them even more special.  I grew up in Ohio, so the summers were hot and humid and I can still remember the way the cool pops felt in my mouth and how the cold, sticky juices would run down my arm.

In honor of that special childhood memory, I designed a t-shirt for the Rit Dye blog that looks like one of those pops!  You can hop over here to get the full tutorial.

I've also gathered up a few recipe links in case you want to make matching pops for your July 4th BBQ:

Lil Sugar's Blueberry, watermelon & lemon pops
Alli n Son's Yogurt pops
Brown Eyed Baker's Star shaped pops