Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Solstice Picnic

Last night, we celebrated the longest day of the year with a walk to our local park for a dinner picnic.  Here a few thoughts:
  • A candle in a jar is a really simple way to elevate an evening picnic.  Once it was added to the table, everyone felt like we were really celebrating.
  • We played Frisbee for about 30 minutes.  I am one out of shape girl!  I haven't played in years and my abs are sore from all that twisting & turning.  I'm determined to be able to dive for a wild throw by the end of the summer.  Last night I was terrified that a sudden lunge would have put me in the ER.  But it was really fun and it brought back a lot of childhood memories of playing with my dad.  We are determined to do more physical activities after dinner this year. 
  • Even in suburbia, you can find nature.  We live in a planned, developed community and sometimes the parks feel very sterile. But if you go in the evenings, when there are less people around, you realize there's a whole lot of nature lurking around. Bunnies joined as for our picnic, nibbling at the grass around the table.  On the way home, we saw a beautiful hawk hanging out in a palm tree.
  • Dinner time in the summer is a great time to get some beautiful photos.  The light is great!
I see a lot more dinner picnics in our future.  I'll keep you up to date on my Frisbee progress too!  Hope your summer is wonderful.