Monday, July 2, 2012

Dinner in the 100 Acres Woods

My mom always jokes that my daughter acts like our super-small backyard is the 100 Acres Woods of Winnie the Pooh fame. Coming from a 40 acre ranch, she is always amazed by how much we all get out of our tiny backyard.
 My daughter will spend hours out back creating play worlds for herself, my husband and I have a small garden, there's a bird feeder that has attracted quite a lot of attention from our feathered friends, and our lavender plants attract enough bees to make me quite confident that we are doing our part to save the honey bees.  I do believe we have used our miniscule plot wisely and dinner last Thursday seemed to prove that.  You see we had our dinner in the 100 acres woods and many of the items on the table came from our little yard.  We started with an appetizer of sweet peas with a French vinaigrette for dipping.  We grew the peas. (I have to say, I had a busy day and standing over my daughter, as she filled a bowl I was holding with peas she picked from our plants was a truly centering moment.)  Our main course was pesto, made from our basil leaves, also harvested just before dinner was made.  Even our table centerpiece was Hydregenea picked from our plot.  So you see, we really do live in the 100 acres woods-it's just a matter of perspective.  In today's world, with the popularity of "urban homesteading", don't let a little thing like a small yard hold you back.  Enjoy your piece of your 100 acres woods (no matter how big or small it may be).