Monday, July 30, 2012

Owl Key Chains

My daughter loves key chains.  I think she's added about five pounds to her school backpack by hanging her collection off it.  For her new school year (starting all too soon!), I made an owl key chain for her.  I used felt, buttons (from Buttons Galore and More of course), and hand-stitched and embroidered them.  This is just the kind of little project I get obsessed with.  I think something is cute and then I make a million and wonder what I'm going to do with them all.  Yes, my Etsy store is an option, but I get lazy about doing the listings.  The extras will probably go into my stash for kid's birthday parties this year. I've found it's always nice to have a little something like this on hand for gifts.

The crazy thing is, even knowing I have too many little owls, I'm itching to make more.  Am I alone in my obsessions?  What have you been working on that you can't stop making?