Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Nostalgia

4th of July Bike Parade
I've always been a nostalgic person.  The "good old days" mean something to me and I am always thinking about ways to create family memories that my daughter will one day be able to look back on.  When I think about the times that we are the happiest, they never involve Facebook or TV or hugely expensive outings. We prefer a simple day, spent with my family and friends, enjoying some old fashioned fun. 
 My daughter has made some neighborhood friends this year and her summer days very closely resemble those of my own childhood.  Tuesday she spent the day outside playing with her friends.  They spent hours washing their rock collections and riding bikes and scooters around.  At one point, when I went to check-on everyone, I found our driveway littered with about 5 different bikes and a toy tent sitting in the center, filled with whispering little girls.  It was one of those moments when I felt like I was getting this mothering thing right.  I'm giving my daughter enough independence to have a childhood filled with imagination and fun. 
Later, in the early evening, my husband walked in to the house grinning.  He too, saw the magic of scattered bikes over the driveway and felt like a rock star as children poured from the tent to the yells of my daughter announcing, "My daddy's home! My daddy's home!".  A hard day's work was easily erased by such a warm welcome.

It's a wonderful summer indeed.