Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Tips for Library Trips

After a week of posts about books and reading, I thought I would share some of my top tips for library trips.  As the mother of young child, I realize it can be daunting to start borrowing books and overwhelming to think of keeping track of books that don't belong to you.  Here are some ways I wrangle of the large number of books that regularly pass through our house.

Tip #1: Get a tote.
We each have a library tote bag that we use to carry our books back and forth to the library.  Attach a luggage tag to the handle to keep your library card in and you are set!

Tip #2: Have a library day.
We go to the library on the same day each week.  By keeping to a schedule, we're always making a trip to the library when the books are due!

Tip #3: Use your library's services.
Our library prints out receipts every time we check out books.  When we get home from the library, I collect the receipts and hang them on the fridge.  Each week, before we leave for the library, I go though the receipts and see what has to go back and check off books we are returning early. 

Our library also has a Internet program, I can put books on hold and renew items online! You can even have books delivered to your local library from other cities' libraries.  If you are signed-in to the library's online program, they also send you reminder of what's due in the next 48 hours.  Check and see if your library has a similar program.  It's a lifesaver!

Tip #4: Shelve It!
We keep all our library books on a special shelf.  They don't always get put back there, but a good number do and at least we have a good place to start looking for lost books!

What are your tips for making library trips fun for everyone?