Wednesday, August 8, 2012

End of Summer Blues

I'm starting to feel those end of summer blues. Those days when you wake-up and realize and that the month of August is flying by and half the things on your summer bucket list haven't been done.  The feeling that time is going by too quickly.  At the same time, feeling out of sorts and almost looking forward to a bit more structure in your days so you can actually accomplish something.  Yes.  That's exactly where I am today.

So, at the spur of the moment this morning, my daughter and I picked up our breakfast dishes and headed to the yard.  I told her about my summer vacations at my grandparents' house and how we always had breakfast (and every other meal) on their screened porch.  I told her how we would run out to the blueberry bush in the morning and pick berries for our cereal.  I told her about flying through the air on the tire swing.
 Then we talked about some of the things she'll always remember about her childhood summers.  I have to say, hearing her list of memories made me feel much better.  I realized that I maybe I hadn't failed.  Some of the big things on the bucket list didn't get done, but those aren't really what you remember anyway.  It's those little moments-like the smell of coffee, mixed with the smell of tomato plants, as you sit outside and eat a simple summer breakfast.  That's all that matters today.  I'll worry about the end of the summer later.