Friday, August 24, 2012

Things To Do In San Diego

"this was the kind of holiday where you appreciated the things you really should have been appreciating at home, walks, conversation, communal meals, the passing of time itself."
                                                                                                    -Mark Haddon, The Red House

Sea World San Diego
We snuck away for a few days earlier this week for a mini family vacation.  We only live a little over an hour from San Diego, but we decided to make a vacation of it.  We stayed for three days and came back refreshed and ready to start school in September.
Building Pyramids at the Museum of Man
 Here's a round-up of my thoughts from the trip:
  •  Visiting the Coronado Public Library was a treat.  They have a permanent exhibit of some glass art featuring the characters from the Wizard of Oz.  (Did you know Baum wrote some of the Wizard of Oz while he was in Coronado and that some people think the Hotel Del Coronado was the inspiration for the Emerald City?)  Aside from the great exhibits, the children's section was very cute.  I think I'm going to regularly schedule visits to the local libraries when we travel in the future, it's a fun glimpse of local life.
  • No more children's menus for us!  My daughter is an adventurous eater and basically told us that she's sick of chicken fingers or macaroni and cheese.  She wants to experience a restaurant as much as we do.  So we took the financial hit and let her order from the main menu. Lobster bisque is a new favorite.  (I told you she was an expensive date.) Why don't restaurants offer child-sized portions of their food? 
  • We had a great time dining at Il Fornaio.  My husband and I ate at the Pasadena location on our first date.  We had dinner at the Coronado restaurant this trip and had fun telling our daughter about our first date.  My husband told her about ordering the rabbit and then thinking he completely blew it with me when I promptly told him about my pet rabbit, Bunny Head.  It was nice to look across the table at my husband and think back to that night.  Who knew we would be here, with our daughter, 18 years after that night?  I guess the bunny thing didn't bother me that much!
  • We were underwhelmed by the Hotel Del Coronado.  It was crowded and looking a bit worn.  I'm glad we didn't shell out over $300/night to stay there.
Sketching during lunch in Balboa Park.  
  •  One day isn't enough for Balboa Park and all it's museum goodness.
  • I was amazingly inspired at the San Diego Museum of Art.  My daughter and I loved this exhibit.
  • Sleeping masks are very good things.  Is it just me or does it seem like hotel rooms are lit up like Christmas trees anymore?  The glow of alarm clocks, HD TVs, and the light that peaks through curtains is enough to drive any light sleeper insane.  I brought a sleeping mask and it worked like magic.  I'll be sewing up more so that I never leave home without one!
  • If you take your child to the pool every evening, between your day activities and dinner, you will have a relaxed dinner and a little person who will fall asleep immediately upon return to the hotel room.