Piece of Cake

Here's the latest addition to my Etsy store. Cute little slice of cake boxes. I'm feeling blue today. I don't know if it's the weather-Southern California is actually getting rain in July. Maybe it's the slow sales in my shop. I feel down though. I feel like my art isn't any good, that I'm wasting my time, that I'm not making the fun blog connections I read about on everyone else's blogs. (You know, how they always post about the cute little exchanges they are doing with other bloggers?) Whine, whine, whine. Sorry! No one wants to read this kind of stuff! I think I need a real slice of cake today! I'll get back to normal tomorrow-I promise!


Anonymous said…
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We all have days like this....

Go ahead stomp your feet....throw your hands in the air....yell and scream...eat a big bowl of ice cream....
tomorrow will be a better day!

Your creations are beeeeeutiful! Sales are slow for everyone....seems everyone is vacationing this month!

Big Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart
BellaColle said…
Laura dear! now you sound like me! I'm the only one allowed to whine!!!
Seriously, your creations are awesome! Things are slow... remember what you told me-Think toward Christmas! we will be so busy we wont have time to eat our cake.lol!
Step away from the work bench... put your hands in the air and step away!lol..go do something fun that inspires you. No worries girlfriend!!!
Laura. Honey. Doll. We DO all have days like this. Your art is wonderful. YOU inspire ME. It's summer. It's slow. Go do something fun. Take a break.
Anonymous said…
These are quite wonderful! I think the blues are in the So Cali air. I have found my spirits a little supressed lately between the heat and the rain. I hope you are feeling much better!
Anonymous said…
These boxes really take the cake! I love them. They would be great as an assortment on a glass cake plate with shower favors in them. Or on the center of each table at a wedding with wedding favors in them. How about "pie" ones next?

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