Monday, February 19, 2007

Welcome to my new look!

I've decided to try out a new look. I know we are almost through February, but I'm still making all the changes I promised myself on new year's eve! Most of you already receive my katydid designs monthly newsletter, but I wanted to supplement it with some blogging. The newsletter has a lot of focus on building a crafting business, but I also wanted to share some artsy-crafty stuff too. I thought blogging about it would be better-that way I won't fill-up your inbox!

My lastest fascination this week is with paper dolls. I started playing with the idea yesterday and just couldn't stop. It's a really fun medium & one I want to explore further. I'm primarily attaching my dolls onto a small, stretched canvas (4"x5"). I call them katydiddys. I'm going to start playing with the idea of selling them. Maybe there's a market for people who want to commission katydiddys of their favorite people!

Tonight, I'm off to teach a workshop on Artist Trading Cards. It's my first class & I'm really excited to begin. I can't wait! I made the cutest little packets and am looking forward to sharing my love of ATCs with Aliso Viejo! The class is at the Michaels in Aliso Viejo, CA. Come if you are nearby! I'll be doing it the next three months. At the end of each class, I'm going to offer a swap, so even if you are an ATC expert, it might be fun.