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Still Life

still (noun)
deep silence and calm;stillnessan ordinary static photograph as opposed to a motion picture, especially a single shot from a movie. The other day, when I was walking by the table in our living room, I found a mess on the coffee table. My first reaction was annoyance, but, as I surveyed the contents of the table, I realized it was an example of a still life. It perfectly represented our lives as we try to be true to ourselves and our beliefs about lives well lived.

The mess was created on a slow, Sunday morning. We brought our coffee and bagels into the living room, turned on some music, and each settled into our own forms of stillness.

We listened to Florence and the Machine because we all love her music and we just took our daughter to her first concert to see them. My old Walkman is on the table because my daughter has decided it is "cool" to have it and listen to our collection of 1980s and 1990s CDs. (Who knew she would be the envy of all of her friends, carr…

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