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Pioneer Days

Whew! November was a busy month! It started with the Clark County Open Studios Tour and ended with Thanksgiving. In between, I turned 50. I've spent the last few days processing all of it and preparing for my Winter Sabbatical.

One of the things I want to do during my sabbatical is to work on my writing, so you will likely find me here more often. The other night, I decided to visit a couple of my favorite bloggers. They are some of the only folks I've followed consistently through all my (12 ?) years of blogging. They are also the only ones I read who have held steady with the original format of blogging. No pop-up ads, no fancy video tutorials, no awkward writing to meet SEO requirements. Their blogs are a simple journal of a life well-lived; of women bringing connection, inspiration, and intention to their writing. I never walk away from their blogs feeling like I'm missing out or envious. Instead I walk away feeling inspired to find my own path, as if I just sat down …

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