Saturday, May 26, 2007

Holy Cupcakes, Art Girl!... what my mom said when I told her this story:

On Friday morning, I was cruising through my favorite blogs while I sipped coffee and my daughter watched Shrek for the 1000th time. While I was reading the Whimsy Love's May 24th entry and saw an ad for my blog & Etsy store! I almost spit out my coffee. What a wonderful surprise! Now I'm returning the favor. You already know that I offer some really cute cupcake picks at my store, but be sure to visit the Whimsy Love store and check-out these cute pinwheel picks! You could be really creative and make a batch of cupcakes & mix and match my paper doll picks with these pinwheels & you would have an instant party. What a great way to celebrate a lazy summer weekend.