Thursday, June 7, 2007

Pi Shoppe

No, I did not misspell pie! I'm talking the irrational number. You see, back a million years ago when we were dating, my husband used to call me "pi". I thought he was saying "pie" as in "sweetie pie". I later found out he meant the number. He claims its because his love for me is infinite, but we both know its because I AM an irrational number! In his defense, every March 14th he sends me flowers because it's "pi day". Pi=3.14..... Did you figure out that my husband is a physicist yet?

Anyway, in his honor, I'm thinking of calling all my sweets-related art my Pi Shoppe line. Cute, huh? What a mix of science & art!

P.S. If you want a piece of pi, go to my Etsy Shop & buy the notecards! No calories, I promise!