Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Year of the Child

I just read a great post about having a theme for each year. They talk about doing it at New Year's, but I would probably do it for my birthday. I usually make my resolutions on birthday in November. That's the new year for me. Anyway, even though the year is already half-way over, I have decided that my theme for the year is childhood. I want to be more child-like. I want to find wonder & fun in everything I do. As I was journaling about this topic this morning, I realized that I spent a lot of childhood wishing I was grown-up because I then I could do whatever want. Then I grew-up and became responsible. Why do we do that? Why can't we be the magical beings we imagine adulthood as? Why don't we stay up as late as we want? I wanted to live in an apartment and eat all the raw cookie dough I wanted to. Yet, I can't remember the last time I ate raw cookie dough. It's as if we become our own parents and are even stricter with ourselves than our real parents were. Yes, we have to be responsible-but not as often as we lead ourselves to believe. This even extends to work. Who told us we had to work to earn a living? Why can't we do something we love to support ourselves? This is an important lesson for me to learn. I want to show my daughter that adulthood really is as much fun as she is going to imagine. I want her to do what she loves & trust that the money will come. I don't want to live my childhood through her though. I know that we all have things we wish we could have done as children, and now we allow our children to indulge in these pleasures. That's great, but don't forget to join them. I watched my sister let her daughter get her face painted yesterday because we were never able to that. My sister should have been getting her face painted too. After all, she's a grown-up and she "gets to do whatever she wants!" Live the life you imagined as a child. I'd love to hear things you would do during your "Year of the Child".