Friday, July 6, 2007


Artsy Mama, one of my favorite blog writers, is currently giving out prompts to jump start creativity. Her inspiration is the book, Foolsgold

The latest prompt was about collections. I was a great collector as a child. One of my favorite collections was my rock collection. Yes, rock collection. I loved to take out all my rocks and wash them. I loved the deep, rich colors they would become when they were wet & was always disappointed that the colors didn't stay that way when the rocks dried.

The prompt made remember the collection and the fact that I had a really cool little box from my dad of some rocks that I treasured as a child. I went hunting in my garage, in my PJs and found it. Isn't it cool? Even the old, worn box is beautiful. I'm thinking of framing it in a shadow box and hanging it up in my house. It will remind of my childhood.

I don't collect rocks anymore. Well, my husband would dispute that, it's just that the rocks I like now are a bit more expensive-you know diamonds, rubies, that kind of thing!