Friday, July 13, 2007

Late for Supper

My grandpa died 3 years ago today. Although that's not the best way to start an entry, this is actually a happy entry. I miss Grandpa, but am so happy that I had him in my life for all the years I did. I want to honor his memory by listing a couple of things everyone should know about him.

1. He always used to say, "You can call me anything, just don't call me late for supper." As a result whenever we left his house, we would yell out the car windows "late for supper!" And we would pull away from the house, watching him pretend he was hopping mad.

2. Whenever he was in the neighborhood, he would drop-off chop suey & chocolate milk. Chop suey is what he called apple fritters. Even if we weren't home, we would find the package left in the mud room. This was Ohio, so it was cold enough to leave milk out on the doorstep.

3. At Easter, he would sprinkle raisins all over his driveway. When we got out of the car, he would run outside and yell, "that damn Easter bunny s*#t all over my driveway!". (This is probably my favorite story about him.)

4. Every year, on my birthday, I would hear part of my birth story from him, about how he saw me in the nursery window and those darn doctors were giving me shot. He was furious that my first few minutes of life involved a needle and wanted to rip those doctors apart.

5. My grandpa worked as a plumber for a bank, so he got home in the early afternoon most days. In the summer, when we spent a week at his house, we would all sit down when he got home and he would have a beer and we would have our Oh-So sodas and we would visit. By the way, I loved grape soda, but the blue color of the cream soda was often tempting.

Thanks for taking this little trip down memory lane. I'm sure my grandfather would never have imagined being immortalized this way, but he loved to tell stories & I'm sure he's smiling now.

LATE FOR SUPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!