Friday, July 6, 2007

Lost Mail

I sent out 2 swaps on the last Wednesday of June. If you read my earlier post I was concerned that the Mailboxes Etc. guy didn't put the correct labels on the packages. Well, it's worse now. NEITHER swap has shown up to it's destination. We're like, 8 days into it! Oh! I will be completely crushed if they are both missing. I put a lot of creative energy into them, but more importantly, my darling swap partners deserve their goodies! I can't believe they are both missing. Something's fishy. Anyway, I'm really hoping that the journey from the West Coast to the East is just taking a long time because of the car bombings in England or something. Anyway, I've resorted to my Catholic roots and am honoring St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Items (and mail coincidently) by placing him on my blog today.

I know it's silly to be this anxious about mail. I mean nobody is dead or bleeding, so I really can't call this a tragedy or anything. I think part of my issue is that I'm really mad at the store-I can't help but think they screwed up or something, and being the control freak that I am, it's making me crazy! I'll never be using their services again though! When I called yesterday, they were just like, not our problem. They didn't even acknowledge that, "hmmm, both are missing & they were going to different places, but both supposedly got mailed from here?" Okay, enough complaining. I need to put some positive energy to all this.

My packages will arrive safely today.
My packages will arrive safely today.
Come on, chant with me....